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How NOT to do it

Got this message from LinkedIn awhile back:

"Hi, I came across your profile here on LinkedIn, and have to say that I am very impressed with your background in web development.

We currently have an opening for a person with front-end skills for a Senior Web Developer position in [company withheld]. Do you know of anyone who may be interested?”

Dude, no.

Are you trying to be coy? Or off-handedly insulting? Or just enjoy wasting the precious few seconds of my life?

And do you really think for a second that I’m even going to recommend ANYONE to apply for the position at your company? That’s basically you saying, "You look amazing. Do you think I might get lucky with your cousin?"

Maybe if you put a little more thought into your writing, you’d finally be able to hire a decent developer. 

— 6 hours ago
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Adam:I downloaded iOS 8... Now all my nude photos are leaked
Me:didn't you already send most of it to shahmi/the brrsss
Me:not counted as leak laaaa
— 1 day ago
#dontblamethecloud  #lol  #nudes 
Going bananas for today’s grill…  :D (at Robata Monkey)

Going bananas for today’s grill… :D (at Robata Monkey)

— 1 week ago with 1 note
Harrowing housekeeping

Finding semi naked PRINTED pictures of yourself and your ex is reason enough not to ever, ever wonder why that dusty box has been sitting in the corner for so long.

— 1 week ago
#uniflashback  #facepalm  #exes 
Pizza cravings

And I (vaguely) remember the cravings being the reason I put on a truckload of weight in university.

Those cheese sticks and the garlic butter dip with a side of hot wings? Aww, yissss!

— 1 week ago
#thisiswhyimfat  #uniflashback 
Overly manly

I’ve just been told that I have a footballer’s calves and that I walk like a man.

— 2 weeks ago
#shitmydadsays  #shitmyexsays 
Nathan’s baby shower cupcakes! :D (at Cinnamon)

Nathan’s baby shower cupcakes! :D (at Cinnamon)

— 2 weeks ago
It feels funny

5 km in 32 minutes.

I’m doing a light stroll because I feel like there’s something wrong with my back…

— 3 weeks ago
#habit  #exercise  #running  #progress  #backpain 
Today’s equation

The number of gods in a certain religion is inversely proportionate to the number of people that have died in their names.

— 3 weeks ago
#religion  #stormysunday  #epiphany  #musing 
Day time crossfire

The epitome of an old, middle aged woman: skulking about hipster cafés sipping on a flat white while reading classy erotic fiction out in the open.

No, it’s not Fifty Shades. I said classy.

— 4 weeks ago
#fridayfiction  #whatamireading